Buying the Rockies you need is easy – in the UK, Europe or worldwide

There are over 300 Rockies suppliers in the UK, and a further extensive network serving Europe and the rest of the world.

And there is plenty to supply! There are over 700 Rockies formulations for different classes of stock, different diets and feeding regimes, different health optimisation requirements, and different presentation formats.

We can almost guarantee that there will be a Rockie to suit your stock and your farm. In the unlikely event that we haven’t got what you need, send us relevant farm or stock data and we’ll formulate a Rockie that is exactly right for you. We refuse to be beaten!

We’re also flexible, with the ability to produce both large and small runs, including export production for companies with established markets who want to distribute Rockies as own-branded products.

Rockies are available in 10kg, 5kg or 2kg sizes for use in fields, yards or troughs. They are designed for practicality. The hole in the 10kg and 5kg sizes enables them to be hung from posts and rails, while the 2kg size can be used with a specially designed holder for smaller pens and stables.

As they’re so weatherproof, Rockies last just as long in both covered and outdoors environments, making it easy to plan how many you’ll need. (Though again, if in doubt simply ask us for advice.)

To find your nearest Rockies supplier, use the interactive map or email us with your location for a response normally within one working day.


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