Made to last longer in any weather and any climate

What makes Rockies really special is their hardness and weather resistance. Even the wettest weather won’t erode them, so they last longer and keep on delivering health benefits exactly when they’re most needed.

Rockies Saltlicks

They also, of course, withstand being licked! It’s worth pointing this out as many cheaper blocks are also poorly made and disintegrate rapidly when animals lick them. High wastage alone can make them a false economy.

Because Rockies are so failure-free and long-lasting, they are excellent and consistent value for money. Daily rates of consumption are predictable and can easily be costed so that you can assess the contribution Rockies make to your farm’s profit. For example, sheep typically consume 5-10 grammes per day for a maximum cost of less than two pence per animal.

The hardness of Rockies stems from our investment of £5m in specialist equipment to make them. Hydraulic presses capable of pressures greater than 10 tons per square inch produce salt licks of exceptional – and unrivalled – density and hardness.

Our commitment to the highest manufacturing standards guarantees that Rockies are the best salt licks money can buy. Rockies perform equally well in any environment or climate anywhere in the world.

Rockies Saltlicks


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